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Breast Lift Surgery

Aging, pregnancy, and weight loss can all affect the shape of the breast.  With time, the breast can become longer and sag, with the fullness at the top gradually decreasing.  Women who wish to restore a more full and rounded look to the breast are candidates for a breast lift or breast reduction surgery.

In the past, women who wished to improve their breast shape were left with few optionsLiposuction Photo, before and after case 1 other than the traditional anchor shaped scar.  Dr. LoMonaco performs all of his breast lifts using a much shorter €œlollipop€ shaped scar.  Not only does this reduce the overall amount of scarring, but the short-scar technique results in a much more natural and full breast shape.

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Individuals who have lost a large amount of weight may also develop sagging of the breasts. In these patients, the same short scar technique  is employed to reduce the amount of excess skin and restore a more uplifted and a natural appearing breast.  An implant may be used to provide more fullness if desired, contact us to find out if you are the right candidate for a breast implant surgery in Houston.

Other patients may be concerned the size of their breasts. Large, heavy breasts can cause neck, back, and shoulder problems. They also interfere with the fit of clothing or  may be a source of embarrassment. The short-scar breast lift procedure may be modified to include removal of a significant amount of breast tissue. Many times, the more extensive scars usually needed for a breast reduction can be minimized.

Doctor LoMonaco offers breast lift and breast reduction in Houston, TX. Along with tummy tuck, breast lift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. It is often non-invasive and offers dramatic results fast. There are several different options for breast enlargement and each patient would require an individual assessment to determine what kind of procedure is the right one. Breast lift surgery requires careful consideration and Dr. LoMonaco makes the process easier for his patients.

Breast lift cost in Houston, TX

Depending on the procedure you choose, enlarging your breast can have different fees added to your bill. Nevertheless, for the average for an all-inclusive estimate for a saline breast implant/breast augmentation is $5,500. Other options such as gel implants or a complicated mastopexy procedure might range in the $7,500 for an all-inclusive estimate.

For patients who desire an improved breast shape or smaller more youthful size, mastopexy and breast reduction can be excellent choices. Please review our before and after breast lift pictures to see what you can accomplish with Dr. LoMonaco.

Breast Lift, Case 1.

Breast Lift, Case 2.

Breast Lift, Case 3.

Breast Lift, Case 4.

Breast Lift, Case 5.

Breast Lift, Case 6.

Breast Lift, Case 7.

Breast Lift, Case 8.

Breast Lift, Case 9.

Breast Lift, Case 10.

Breast Lift, Case 11.

Breast Lift, Case 12.

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