20 Oct

Scarless Breast Implants, Breast Augmentation without Scars?

There is a lot of controversy among patients about the claims some plastic surgeons make about “scarless breast lifts” and other forms of “scarless plastic surgery“. Although there have been a lot of amazing technological breakthroughs and a great deal of innovation in plastic surgery procedures, to claim that any surgery can yield “scarless results” is a false claim. There are many ways to decrease the appearance of a scar after a cosmetic procedure such as breast augmentation or tummy tuck. Because every person heals differently some patients undergoing breast lift might experience minimal scaring tissue after a few months of the procedure, but results cannot be generalized to all cases.

There is no real “scarless breast lift”

If scars are a major concern to you, there is an alternative that might help you improve the appearance of your breast and yet at the same time have a very reduced scar as a result. This procedure is called “short-scar breast lift”. You can find out more about this amazing procedure by following this link: http://bodylifthouston.com/home/breast-lift-houston/

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