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About Dr. LoMonaco

Dr. John LoMonaco attended Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, and completed his 9 years of postgraduate training there as well. He trained at major hospitals in the Texas Medical Center, including Memorial-Hermann Hospital and M.D. Anderson Cancer Institute. During his training, he conducted laboratory research for two years at the Medical School studying tissue healing and helping develop skin substitutes for burn victims.

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Dr. LoMonaco graduated from a rigorous residency in general surgery, and received board certification by the American Board of Surgery. He then went on to complete an accredited fellowship in plastic surgery, and received board certification in Plastic Surgery during his first year of practice. During his formal training, Dr. LoMonaco participated in over 5,000 surgical procedures.

After graduation, Dr. LoMonaco taught plastic surgery for 2 years at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, and served as Director of Plastic Surgery at the LBJ Hospital. In 1999, he traveled to El Salvador as part of a medical relief mission to perform surgery on children with facial deformities.

Dr. LoMonaco’s  practice is focused on breast and body contouring surgery, with a special emphasis on post-bariatric surgery reconstruction. His office is near the Webster Medical Center, which offers both convenience and privacy. Dr LoMonaco is on the staff of several Medical Center hospitals and maintains privileges at private surgery centers. He is a member of both local and national medical societies.


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