Is cosmetic surgery safe?

Recently, there has been much media attention on cosmetic surgery safety issues.

The most important safety concern for patients is the training of their surgeon. Board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery ensures that the surgeon has met rigorous training requirements, and is equipped to deal with all eventualities. The surgeon should also have hospital privileges at reputable institutions, so that patients who need hospital care as part of their surgery or recovery can be treated safely and comfortably.

Dr. LoMonaco attended only fully accredited training programs, and passed written and oral examinations from both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has privileges at Memorial Hermann Hospital, Twelve Oaks Hospital and University Hospital.

What will I look like after surgery?

The best way for patients to get an idea of their “new look” is to see pictures of other patients who look similar to begin with, and have had similar procedures. Rather than show pictures of only “perfect results,” I feel that providing my patients with these more “personalized” photos will give the best representation of the results they can expect. Computerized imaging of your own pictures also helps in this process and is a complimentary part of each consultation.

Nothing can substitute for a relaxed, un-hurried consultation with your surgeon, and my staff and I strive to give this at all times.

Can several surgeries be done at once?

Yes, combining procedures allows patients to experience only one recovery period, and means less time off work or school. It also offers a cost savings. Several procedures can be joined provided they do not result in an excessively long surgery, or result in too much postoperative pain and discomfort for the patient. The underlying health of the individual patient is also important to consider.

Can I finance my surgery?

Yes. Our office offers several plans which will allow you to pay for your surgery over time.