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Breast Augmentation

Dr LoMonaco’s practice has a unique focus on breast and body procedures. For over 10 years Dr LoMonaco has focused on perfecting the breast implant process. There are many options available to women when choosing implant size, type, and placement. Dr LoMonaco is dedicated to understanding each patient’s goals, and the custom tailoring a surgical plan to best match the patient’s expectations.

“Breast implant size is only part of the story. I must also understand the exact breast
shape that my patient feels is most appropriate for her body. We accomplish this process
during the course of the consultation, and further refine it at a second meeting before
-Dr John LoMonaco

The type of implants chosen is also very important and different women have different goals. For example, silicone gel implants are an excellent choice for women desiring a soft and natural feeling breast. Various sizes and shapes of the implants are also available and no one implant type is right for every patient. Careful measurements and understanding of the patient’s goals are critical and selecting the best implant for each patient.

The venue where the surgery is performed is an important part of Dr. LoMonaco’s practice strategy. Breast augmentation is an extraordinarily safe and predictable procedure, and Dr. LoMonaco chooses to perform these procedures in a small private specialty hospital. This allows the utmost in patient comfort and safety, and ensures sterile handling of the implants and all associated equipment.

“Above all I owe my patients a safe and predictable experience. I rely on my team to help
me create an extraordinarily personal experience for each patient. This means that each
patient meets my operating room staff before surgery, sees them again on the day of surgery, and will also enjoy having that same staff take part in their care after surgery.”

-Dr John LoMonaco

Breast implant surgery is not without its own set of risks, uncertainties, and possible need for procedures in the future. Dr LoMonaco offers a frank discussion to all of his patients about these risks, along with a careful description and course of action for each potential problem.

“I am blessed in my work, not just because I have enjoyed success and made patients
happy, but because I am still passionate and motivated to make tomorrow’s case my best.”

If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation, feel free to call Dr LoMonaco’s office at 713-526-5550 or contact Dr LoMonaco personally at jlmd@peoplepc.com


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