After a thorough cleanse and exfoliation, a serum is selected according to your specific skin needs (hydration and/or vitamins). This treatment uses ultrasound waves to force hydration in the upper layer of the skin. This produces a “plumping” effect that diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Safe and gentle, even the most sensitive skin will benefit from this ultrasound therapy. A relaxing facial massage and mask will leave the skin glowing with health.



Detoxify, oxygenate and resurface the skin for immediate visible results. An intense exfoliation with semi-precious ruby & sapphire crystals is followed by a renewing Glycolic/Salicylic peel. A deep pore cleaning helps to promote a clearer more radiant complexion. A relaxing massage and oxygenating mask complete this skin transforming treatment.



Improve skin clarity, reduce blemishes and soothe inflammation with our specially formulated acne facial treatment.

The Clarifying Facial helps eliminate the underlying causes of breakouts. A powerful blend of exfoliating enzymes, acids, antioxidants and hydrating agents opens clogged pores for deep cleansing. Get rapid relief for all types of breakouts from occasional hormonal episodes to severe acne.

Reduces acne blemishes, breakouts and inflammation, improves skin clarity, instantly soothes redness and reduce irritation.



A customized facial treatment designed to help maintain a healthy complexion. Incorporates European methods to gently exfoliate and deep cleanse skin. A melody of nature’s best: grapefruit, aloe vera or honey extract cleanses the skin while a gentle exfoliation brings instant radiance to the skin.

Thereafter, a customized ampoule, a relaxing facial massage and mask treatment, rejuvenates and illuminates the complexion.